Easy Exotic

Once she threw everything out, we thought there would be more room. I gave away a lot I wanted. Mom said, “We can get new stuff,” but you can guess what happened. Our old stuff is still gone.


In this story I am the main character

My favorite thing in the world is to watch a cyst excised. White bulge sputters out a small hole stretched wide, and at the end a reddish water too thin to be blood.  


Curated for Appeal

This year, the zeitgeist spells split selves. More and more of life is lived across media, says everyone. We, as in me, are fraying across platforms.



A boy in my high school showered three times a day. He wore sunglasses inside and had sex with my best friend. Their families vacationed in Florida at the same time. 


Getting anything to grow

Where the ring rung one finger, Thea went green, and though she said it was just good old fashioned copper poisoning, the truth was in her worry lines. Down there at the base, meat had gone bad. It was the sort of sore seeing we were always doing, but pretending we hadn’t done.