The Vegetarian

DECEMBER 15, 2016

Originally published as three linked novellas, Han Kang’s novel The Vegetarian is a perspectival triptych following a woman whose commitment to abstention reads as devotional, a faith-based opting out. Yeong-Hye’s story comes secondhand, triangulated between the voices of her husband, brother-in law, and sister. What starts as vegetarianism (read: veganism) ends as anorexia and in incarceration, with death looming where the story stops.


AUGUST 21, 2017

Meet Mary. She’s in extreme bodily pain, with neither explanation nor prognosis. She’s got one friend, who is about to leave her life forever. She has no social media, no knowledge of pop culture, and works in invoicing at what must be the last travel agency still operating in New York City. She was born the would-be prophet of a would-be prophet, religious fanatic Merle, who sequestered his wife and child in a theocracy of his own making, located in rural Tennessee.